D & B

Madina Mixed-use Center

Modern Residential & Lifestyle Center

New Town Centre Placemaking

Projects which enrich the retail experience and the urban fabric with other uses, regenerating and bringing the city to life throughout the day. A mix of uses which makes the retail destination one that people will revisit continuously.

The streets become venues in themselves, safe because they are busy and overlooked by other uses

Medina One illustrates our approach to integrating a mixed-use complex, a new piece of town, into the existing fabric. Our unique inner masterplan weaves the functional pattern of an open-air shopping center.

It is developed into traditional streets containing Four Residential and Hotel Buildings and Mosques in squares with a mix of uses above and beside the retail.

The retail project is divided into four zones that accommodate The Sidewalk for neighborhood and services, The Boulevard and The Box Park for Dining and Cafes, and the Workout Walk for Sport and Entertainment