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Al-Riyadh Mantis Resort & Residences

situated in the Northwest of the Capital Riyadh.

Al-Riyadh Mantis Resort & Residences

Al-Riyadh Mantis Resort is in Al Uyaynah situated in the Northwest of the Capital Riyadh. The resort is the destination of choice for visitors seeking solitude. The Resort brings an extraordinary culinary experience to Riyadh. Offering various dining options, dining venues are featured to delight the most sophisticated palate. A wellness oasis conveyed in a harmonic design, Al-Riyadh Mantis Spa and The Workshop Gymnasium cofunction to provide the ultimate eudemonic experience.
Total Land Size: 108,000 Sqm
Gross leasable area : 30,000 Sqft
Type of Centre: Supermarket, GYM, SPA, Souvenirs Items, and Fine Dining
Physical description: Two levels open-air mall
Components: Najdy Design Theme for a Resort Center
Location of Trade Area: Al Riyadh
Population: Primary trading area: 500,000
Development Schedule: 2025
Parking spaces: 2025

Al-Riyadh Mantis Resort & Residences

The Project offers residents and visitors to enjoy Horse Riding & Training, Desert Tents, Eco resorts, walkways, Outdoor Auditorium, & Hotel club amenities.

It aims to convey the excitement of the resort brand, its timeless glamour, and its heritage of the magnificent resort.

Each property is in the prime zone neighborhood in the resort, or the ultimate prestigious area of the resort destination, and features unique physical characteristics that make it truly remarkable.

Each makes a solid reference to the local culture yet is designed with a Nadji contemporary luxury feel, enriched by rare and lavish materials, featuring design furniture and custom-built details.

The guest’s experience is flawless by an innovative luxury service concept, informal yet impeccable.

Total Land Size: 108,000 Sqm
Villa Rothana: 45 Units With 130 m2 area
Villa Wanana : 11 Units With 485 m2 area
Villa Holwa : Private villa with 740 m2 area
Big Villa Zad: Private villa with 2700 m2 area
Villa Anbara : 10 Units With 230 m2 area
Five-Star Nozol Hotel : 80 Standard rooms and four presidential suites
Development Schedule: 2025

Parking spaces: 1100